The transfer of knowledge – 3Dstrong and homePORT

We see ourselves as digital craftsmen. And a large part of the craft consists of not only finding solutions to customer challenges, but also sharing these solutions with others.

We have developed our own training courses for this purpose, among other things. Here we pass on our experience and our expertise to interested parties from many different branches of industry. Additive manufacturing can be a solution for a wide variety of businesses.

But that’s not all. The homePORT makerspace opens this year in the immediate vicinity of our office. And so it was of course a question of craftsmanship for us to take part in this great project.

homePORT is an initiative in partnership with the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). It is an association of companies to give scientists and start-ups the opportunity to test their projects and products under real conditions. The selection of test areas and open source solutions is enormous.

And additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering also hold great potential here. In all industries, these technologies have proven how quickly manufacturing processes can be adapted to changed conditions – especially now in the corona pandemic. Therefore, we do our best to anchor our knowledge and the technology of 3D printing in the maritime industry.

But how can this be done?

Lightweight construction is an issue in many industries, but especially in the maritime sector – just like in aviation, for example – every gram counts. This is where we come together with the homePORT community. With our expertise in CFRP applications, we have the opportunity to drive innovations.

We offer co-working spaces to enable a direct and fast exchange. And we look forward to realizing the first projects together with the homePORT community in the near future.