Many years of experience in the development of the most demanding CFRP applications

From the construction of aircraft wings or the further development of rotor blades for the wind energy industry – how fiber-reinforced plastics behave and have to be designed under which circumstances, that is exactly our expertise.


Fiber reinforced applications f ü r use in aircraft construction

Based on our expertise in aircraft construction, we can fast and flexible Aids f ü r the production of aircraft components manufacture. In addition, high-temperature-resistant components can be produced that can even be used in autoclaves.

Wind energy

When 3D printed components defy the most extreme weather conditions m ü sweet

Whether complex aerodynamic Pr ü fbody f ü r Experiments in the wind tunnel or models f ü r testing new designs: The fiber-reinforced 3D prints developed by us can withstand even the most extreme conditions. From -20 ° C to + 60 ° C, from rain to extreme UV radiation, we calculate and manufacture the f ü r your claims ü the best components.


Sensitive electronics optimally protected ü tzt

The high level of individual special solutions f ü r ESD protective housing makes 3D printing particularly interesting. Develop and manufacture based on your product requirements we tailor-made components .


Highest demands on ESD protective housings for electric drive systems

The e-mobility also sets new benchmarks in the development of prototypes in 3D printing. We develop, design and produce ESD-compliant protective housings for the use of functional tests in electric drivetrains.

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