Engineering is key

Additive manufacturing enables limitless design freedom for demanding and highly complex applications.

From ESD protective housings, injection molds and IoT components to individual structural components: Additive manufacturing creates new opportunities and development approaches in production. Provided you know how these special materials behave in production and later use.

With our expertise in analysis and calculation, we enable best possible printing results for our customers. We would be happy to advise you which production process works best for your purposes.

3D Druck Hamburg

Product development and series production

Get your product faster with additive manufacturing!

We work in product development according to VDI standard 2221. Our CAD experts, engineers and creative minds lead your product development with the help of additive manufacturing significantly faster to success. It often doesn’t take more than a week to get the first prototype. We then have all the prerequisites to perform your series production quickly and reliably due to our 3D printers, CNC milling machines.

3D printing Hamburg smart components
3D Druck Hamburg

Smart components (IoT)

Smart, because there’s more to it

Smart components have to be able to do more than just be robust. They receive and send information, communicate and can react to changed production processes. In the course of IoT development, a lot is possible that was previously unthinkable without 3D printing. No matter what should be inside the component, integrated RFID chips, NFC, sensors or cable guides – we design and manufacture the optimal solution for your demanding applications.

3D Druck Hamburg


Strong through optimal fiber design

To meet highest quality requirements the components must be dimensioned optimally and precisely.
With the help of Catia V5 CPD Design software we take over the creation and processing of models for you by:

  • Topology optimization
  • FEM calculation
  • Fiber-appropriate design

smart and strong solutions